Date What's Up Lecture (Title & Speaker)
03/01/2017 Kim Gowney "The Invisible Universe" by  Rob Woodman
07/02/2017 Mike Pritchard "The Hunter, The Bull & the 7 Sisters" by Dave Lewis
07/03/2017 Rob Woodman "Double Stars" by Kim Gowney
04/04/2017 Jim Paterson "Beagle 2 - Expedition to Mars" by Mike Pritchard
02/05/2017 Kim Gowney "Recording Variable Stars" by Jim Paterson
06/06/2017 Mike Pritchard "Celestial Mechanics" by Philippa Berry
04/07/2017 Jim Paterson T.B.A.

05/09/2017 Kim Gowney "Killer Asteroids" by Mike Pritchard
03/10/2017 Mike Pritchard "Gravitational Waves" by Rob Woodman
07/11/2017 Rob Woodman "Finding Our Way" by Kim Gowney
Jim Paterson "Annual Quiz" hosted by Mike Pritchard