2018 - Moths & Butterflies in Pembrokeshire

Large White on Buddleia
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This Winter Moth was my first moth of the year  - 

20th January on the kitchen window

Agonopterix hieracliana - a fairly common micro -
also on the kitchen window - 17th February.

  This fellow wouldn't keep still so taking a picture      was nigh on impossible.

The weather in January and February was particularly inclement - wet, windy and very cold. The "feel-like" temperatures were frequently below freezing even during the daytime. The absence of moths was not surprising.

March was little better with plenty of wind, rain and freezing temperatures - on 17th the 4th trap of the year - 3 moths were a pleasing sight. 2 Hebrew Characters and 1 male Oak Beauty.

Oak Beauty

The male has feathered antennae
This one is a real beauty

Oak Beauty

Hebrew Character

The origin of the name is readily apparent

Hebrew Character
Hebrew Character
Twin-spotted Quaker

3 were trapped on 22nd March
numbers are slowly increasing!!

twin spotted quaker

Dotted Border

This group of three was from 26th March
Pale Pinion

pale pinion

These hibernate and re-appear
March - May
March Moth

march moth

We also had 11 Hebrew Characters and 1 Clouded Drab overnight.

 Brindled Beauty (1)

This group from 7th April

Common Quaker (3)

8 different moths last night - best of the year so far

Small Quaker (1)

Also caught - 16 Hebrew Characters, 4 Early Grey, Clouded Drab, Dotted Border and a Pale Pinion

A little milder last night - rain came in the early morning hence a somewhat damp moth trap.

28 moths of 8 species was a record for the year. One micro escaped and a cnephasia sp. was typically unidentifiable!!

Early Thorn - 11/04/2018

Early Grey

Getting warmer but some overnight rain on the 11/04/2018.

Just 15 moths of 7 species - the Early Thorn was the only new for the year. (I know - a rubbish picture).

Compared to the numbers and variety being gathered in the north of the county my haul is miniscule. Still I will continue to persevere.

Powdered Quaker

3 from 13th April

Water Carpet

33 moths of 12 species

agonopterix alstromeriana

The micro was a 1st for us - Mapmate indicates 36 for Pembrokeshire - most occurring on the islands.
It flew in front of me when I was examining the moth trap and landed on the pebbledash wall - had I not seen it land it might never have been seen !!

Butterfly Update *****22nd April a Green-veined White was in the greenhouse and on 25th April a Small White was in the garden.

Pebble Prominent

29th April 2018  

Seemingly not many    moths around last night - and the Moon was almost full !!!

We had just seven in total - these two were new for the year.

3 Hebrew Characters, 1 Common Quaker and 1 Clouded Drab were the "also rans".

Least Black Arches

These generally appear in May and I       haven't heard of others locally so maybe just this once I'm ahead of the rest !!!!

 4th May 2018 - a dry night with little wind.

Tipula oleracea

Dark Sword-grass

 Just 10 moths, last night, of 5 species  - this was the only NFY

Double - striped Pug

This was on the kitchen window around 10.30 pm on 3rd May.

  The 1st pug I have seen this year!!

Painted Lady Butterfly - 4th May

Seen at St Ishmaels this afternoon.

I generally see these at the end of summer so the timing here is a bit of a mystery.

This one  is a little battle-scarred.

Picture taken on a mobile phone.

My 1st Orange Tip of the year was also seen this afternoon.

Scalloped Hazel - 24th May

Foxglove Pug - 24th May

One of the more easily identifiable pugs.

Common Carpet

Peach Blossom

22 different moths last night.

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Also on 24th May - Clouded Silver, Brimstone Moth, Rivulet, Pod Lover, Pbble Prominent, Sandy Carpet, Muslin Moth, Green Carpet, Poplar Hawk Moth, Flame Shoulder, White Ermine, Treble Lines, Small Square-spot, Common Quaker and Oak-tree Pug. Just 2 micros - Bee Moth and Light-brown Apple Moth.

On 22nd May (not photographed) we had a Spectacle, Pale Prominent, Brown House Moth, Buff Ermine and White - shouldered House Moth that were not recorded on 24th

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